Here are just a few testimonials from my patients…

“Lana has supported me through a very difficult period in my life. I could not share my issues with any of my friends or family. With Lana I felt as she really understood my problems and did not judge me. She did not only support me, but showed me how to get emotionally stronger and better cope with life demands.” N.W.

“When you have been sexually abused as a child, you think you are left with wounds that will never heal. You feel you won’t be able to trust anybody again. How can you trust a stranger even if she is a counsellor? That’s how I felt at the beginning of my counselling journey, but I decided to give it a go. Gradually, I felt more and more comfortable and safer with Lana as I managed to heal my infected wounds. It was painful and it took time, but I feel healthy now and I can start living again.”

“My counselling with Lana has been an emotional journey. All our sessions have been focused on me, my needs, worries and challenges. With her support, warmth, empathy and knowledge I managed not only to come out at the other side, but also to start a counselling course myself. I hope that one day I will be able to help people the same way I have been helped.”