Individual counselling is a talking therapy offered by a counsellor to an individual. It helps the individual to get a better understanding of oneself and one’s difficulties associated with personal, professional and social life. The aim of therapy is to facilitate change and improve the individual’s quality of life.

A bespoke service based on an integrative counselling model incorporating elements from person centred approach, solution focused therapy, cognitive and behavioural therapies, psychodynamic therapy, NLP, mindfulness, personal coaching to meet my clients’ needs. Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

Short-term one-to-one counselling (normally a minimum of six sessions, but adjustable as mutually agreed) for specific issues such as phobias, relationship or family problems, difficulties at work.

Couple counselling is also a form of talking therapy that applies to two people who are in a relationship. The aim of couple counselling is also to facilitate change by equally supporting both partners to improve the way they communicate and reach their own conclusions about their relationship.

As each individual is unique so is any couple relationship.

Couples come for counselling at all stages of their relationship. Some couples want permanent counselling to maintain a good relationship, others need support after being together for years or when they are in crisis.

“Preventative counselling” has become a popular option during the last few years for those couples who do not want to wait until their issues become deep-rooted. They ask for help early on so they make sure their problems never have time to grow their roots. They see their counsellor fortnightly, monthly or yearly to be able to notice their difficulties early on and to deal with them as soon as possible.

Some of the issues couples want to address in counselling are:

  • Improve the relationship
  • Save the relationship
  • Conflict
  • Affairs
  • Divorce

  • Make the relationship last
  • Loss
  • Difficult or lost communication
  • Separation
  • A way of ending the relationship

When a relationship is at a breaking point, it seems that separation or divorce is the only solution, but talking  through your difficulties with a trained counsellor can help you to rebuild your relationship or if you want to separate or divorce, to do it in an amicable way.

The couple counsellor will encourage you to identify the causes of your problems, explore your issues, listen patiently to your partner’s experience, communicate openly and fully, hear and understand each other in a fresh way, become more aware of each other’s needs, take responsibilities for your choices and actions.

Counselling can save relationships, but many couples leave it until it is too late. The sooner you come and try to solve your problems the more successful the result is going to be.

Couple counselling is an investment in improving the quality of your relationship and of your life.

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